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Telecom Tape for pressurized copper line repair
Telecom Tape is a highly specialized self-fusing silicone tape for effective low-cost high-quality repairs to pressurized copper lines.
 blackroll_hi-res_angleTelecom Tape is a highly specialized self-fusing silicone tape for effective low-cost, high-quality repairs to pressurized copper lines.  Telecom Tape utilizes the latest silicone compounding technology and the highest quality silicone elastomers to produce unequaled quality and performance.

Telecom Tape has been lab tested to over 950 PSI Tensile Strength, and the highest bond strength.

Telecom Tape produces a waterproof silicone shield over pressurized lines and cables to maintain line pressure without prior line depressurization!  Telecom Tape is self-fusing and cures at room temperature in just minutes or even seconds.  When wrapped around lines and cables onto itself, this field-proven silicone tape will quickly and permanently fuse to itself, creating an impermeable mass of silicone for quick and effective line repair.  

Telecom Tape also offers a low-cost permanent repair for preformed splice closures.  Using Telecom Tape brand of self-fusing silicone tape allows the technician to reuse the end plates on the splice closure, saving a minimum of $200 for each closure repair.

  • Boundary plugs,
  • Leaking boundary plug
  • Leaking flange
  • Leaking splice case
  • Auxiliary wraps
  • Leaking end plates
  • Corroded pressure fittings
  • Use anywhere on leaking lead sheath cable
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Telecom Tape Field Testing Continues

TeleCom Tape continues field testing in several telecommunications company's official product testing.  Preliminary results demonstrate a 90% reduction in net cost per repair, with an 80% reduction in time per repair.  Initial estimates suggest Telecom Tape could save infrastructure repair costs of $20 Million per year based on current repair schedules.

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