Telecom Tape - Self-Fusing Silicone tape

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Telecom Tape Characteristics
Property   Performance
Operating Temperature Range   -85° F to 500° F / -65° C to 260° C
Continuous Temperature Range   -76° F to 392° F / -60° C to 200° C
Cold Brittle Point   -85° F / -65° C
Hardness Shore A   50
Tensile Strength (Min.)   700 psi
Elongation (Min.)   300%
Tear Strength (Min.)   85 ppi
Bond Strength (Min.)   2 Lbs
Water Absorption (Max.)   3% By Weight
Dielectric Strength (Min.)   400 volts/mil (8,000 V/20 Mil)

Standard Size: 1” Wide x 12’ Long x .020” (20 mil) Thick

Standard Colors: Black, Red, Clear, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, White

Industrial Size: 2” Wide x 36’ Long x .030” (30 mil) Thick

Industrial Colors: Black, Clear in stock. All other colors may be special ordered.

Telecom Tape is extruded of high performance silicone elastomer. It is self-fusing, and cures at room temperature. Its high thermal conductivity allows rapid heat dissipation, resulting in lower temperature rise.

Telecom Tape is suitable for use wherever a tough, high temperature (to 500° F/260° C), permanently resilient insulation or seal is required.
Properly installed, Telecom Tape provides a moisture-free permanent seal around hoses, tubes and wire harness bundles, offering low cost solutions to common problems in extreme environments.

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